Ana Lama, #AnaLama , and Malala for the Nobel.

Two days ago, I thought that Malala’s nomination for the Nobel peace prize was a little hasty; yes, I very much admire the girl, but the worthies are many, and so I think a 15-year-old could afford to age a little before being awarded such a prize.

This was before I heard about Lama, a five-year old girl who was, brace yourselves viciously beaten to death by her own father, a celebrity preacher, who somehow, brace again, “doubted his daughter’s virginity”.

The perpetrator of the crime has been punished, please brace again, by being asked to pay a compensation of about 31,000 GBP- because that’s the price of his daughter’s life, apparently.

Please brace one more time- apparently this amount is half of what he would have had to pay had he killed a son rather than a daughter. But of course, I doubt he’d have ever doubted his son’s virginity in the first place… or cared about it at all. Cause that’s how a double standard works, you know?

The only glimmer of hope in this epically devastating crime is the twitter hashtag #AnaLama ; it means “I am Lama”, and it is being used by people to express their OUTRAGE about the crime, the punishment, and the sick society that actually allows such crimes and such punishments.

So, readers, do me this favour: SHOUT IT FROM THE STEEPLE. I am Lama.


…When you’re done until your throats are raw and your eyes watering, go into the bedroom and look down upon the faces of your sleeping little ones. They are not so unlike Lama. Hold them in your heart and protect them ; build the world that you want them to live in by example. Fight for THEIR right NOT to be Lama, not to have children who will be Lama.

To Lama I say: I am so sorry. Rest in peace. We will seek to keep your memory alive, so that other girls live for you the life that was so cruelly taken from you.

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